Making an Impact In Australia

To achieve our conservation goals, we work in close partnership with Bush Heritage Australia, a leading Australian non-profit conservation organization dedicated to using science and right-way knowledge to protect ecosystems across the continent.

Saving Endangered Species

Research at Pullen Pullen reserve in Queensland has helped locate more populations of the elusive Night Parrot.

Working with Traditional Owners

The Birriliburu Traditional Owners are the Martu people. Bush Heritage partners with Aboriginal groups to help develop and implement Healthy Country Plans.

Reviving Landscapes

A partnership on the Murrumbidgee River, running through Scottsdale Reserve, is demonstrating ways to support native fish.

Partnering with Farmers

Partnerships with pastoralists in Tasmania help support optimal environmental outcomes on private farmland.

Revegetating for a Hotter Climate

By sourcing vegetation from further north on reserves, the plants are better suited for impacts of climate change. 

Tipping the Balance to Nature

Intensive land management for the first 10 years or so allows time to carefully address weeds and introduced species, tipping the balance in favor of natives.

...and more!

Our Board of Directors are dedicated to making the most impact in Australia with the funds we raise. Learn more about our partnerships here.