Why Does Australian Conservation Matter?

Australia faces the highest mammalian extinction rate in the world, and currently has over 2,000 species of plants and animals classified as threatened.

Extreme weather events lead to threats of increased wildfires and droughts, land clearing and development leads to disrupted ecosystems, and the introduction of invasive species can drive native species to extinction.

We envision a world in which cultural and natural heritage thrive, and Australia is one of many important pieces of the puzzle. Our team is comprised of experts with a special affinity for Australia's unique landscapes, flora, and fauna. 

Why are you a registered 501(c)(3)?

Our team believes that the protection of global biodiversity is everyone's responsibility. Whether you've visited to Australia, called it home, or hope to see it one day, we want to preserve and protect it.

As a U.S.-based nonprofit organization, we want individuals and organizations in the U.S. to be free to support projects in Australia while still receiving their charitable giving tax benefits. 

What can I do?

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Together, our expert volunteer Board of Directors designates the funding that we receive to the partner projects where it is needed most.