Bushfires update

Australia is suffering from one of the worst wildfire seasons in decades, with large parts of the country impacted since the fires began in late July 2019. Our hearts go out to the people and wildlife bearing the brunt of these catastrophic fires.

Like so many areas around the country, Bush Heritage Australia has experienced significant fire impacts and increased threats to their conservation reserves. At the end of 2019, on-ground staff and neighbours fought fires of varying severity on six Bush Heritage reserves in three states. They were:

  • Charles Darwin, WA
  • Cravens Peak, QLD
  • Carnarvon, QLD
  • Yourka, QLD
  • Yantabulla Swamp (managed by Bush Heritage for South Endeavour Trust), NSW
  • Burrin Burrin, NSW

Bush Heritage Australia’s full-time National Fire Program Manager is working tirelessly with well-prepared conservation reserve staff to activate fire plans as necessary to minimise damage to the animals and plants that are counting on them during these next few months. We will keep you updated throughout summer as bushfires continue to be a major threat across the whole country.

Below is an update on the impact at Scottsdale Reserve.

Donations to Friends of the Australian Bush Heritage Fund until March 2020 will support bushfire recovery efforts by providing much needed funds to assist Bush Heritage Australia in their fire response and conservation management work and WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) in their efforts to rescue sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in the State of New South Wales.