Saving the Night Parrot

With the recent discovery of the only known population of Night Parrots left in the world, we have a second chance to ensure the survival of this unique and remarkable species.

While little is known about the mysterious Night Parrot, no more than 100 individuals are thought to remain. Bush Heritage has acquired the land containing the last known population and created a conservation reserve around it. A research team has been assembled but we must move quickly to save this species.

Hamelin Station Reserve

Abutting the shore of Hamelin Pool and the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Hamelin Station Reserve is a former sheep station of exceptional conservation importance. The purchase of Hamelin extends the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, completing a connected corridor of nature reserves from Shark Bay via Toolonga Nature Reserve, through crown land to Bush Heritage Australia’s Eurardy Reserve and then Kalbarri National Park – a span of over 200km.

Conservation partnership with Birriliburu

Aboriginal Australians have lived on the land for millennia, developing a strong commitment to look after it, as well as accumulating generations of traditional knowledge about the ecology. Whenever Bush Heritage Australia buys land, it seeks to engage with the Traditional Owners to ensure they maintain access and a connection to Country.

Bush Heritage also invests in partnering with Aboriginal groups who are themselves landowners – often of vast estates – and helps with developing and implementing Healthy Country Plans that seek to achieve conservation goals and at the same time create jobs and livelihood on Country to ensure the viability of long-term conservation work.